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Glass Vials

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Pacificvial made in the usa

Products We Carry
 Screw Thread Vials
 Cobalt Blue Vials
 Green Glass Vials
 Glass Dropper
 Perfume Sampler
 Glass Vial Closures
 Serum Glass Vial
 Screen Printing
 EPA Glass Vials
 Display Glass Vials
 Patent Lip Glass Vials

Pacific Vial manufacturers Glass Vials and is the leader in Glass Vial Manufacturing. From Science Equipment to Colored Glass Vials we have your Glass Vial needs covered.

Glass Vials Process

UPDATE: Pacific Vial was featured on Discovery Channel's Factory Made. To view how we make our vials, please contact us for more information.

Take a look at our Serum Vials and other products that we have available.

Pacific Vial is a leading manufacturer of screw thread glass vials, serum glass vials, capsule glass vials, colored glass vials, display glass vials, shell glass vials, pipettes and perfume samplers. With over 25 years of combined experience in manufacturing glass vials, we are committed to offering the highest quality glass vial products possible… quickly, economically, and to meet your exact standards.

Glass Vial Manufacturing Quality
Pacific Vial is equipped with state of the art camera systems designed to monitor every stage of the glass vial manufacturing process. The systems can measure details of thread, neck, and body dimensions to ensure compliance with industry standards and customer specifications.

Customers throughout the world have come to trust on Pacific Vial’s timely delivery of glass vial product to meet and exceed their expectations.

Pacific Vial has a stocking program of all our glass vials and most orders are shipped within 24 hours.

We provide our customer with a wide array of Glass Vial products
  ° Manufactures a variety of vial sizes from diameters up to 35mm (big mouth vials).
Screw Thread Glass Vials - sizes starts at 1/3 dram and go up to 8 drams.
Cobalt Blue and Green Glass Vials - ideal for aromatherapy and essential oil packaging needs
EPA Glass Vials - used in Environmental Industry
  ° Display Glass Vials - used for packaging dry products, such as compounds, capsules, pills or tablets
Perfume Sampler Glass Vials - sizes range from 1/5 dram to 9/16 dram.
Patent Lip Glass Vials - used for packaging any type of product, including liquids or dry goods
Glass Vial Closures
  ° Droppers for Glass Vials
  ° many more glass vial products...

Trust Pacific Vial for all your glass vial needs.

Glass Vial Manufacturing
Glass Vial Manufacturing
Contact Pacific Vial for all your Glass Vial needs..