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Clear & Amber Glass Vials, Perfume Vials

Pacific Vial Screw Thread Glass Vials Available in Clear Glass, Amber and Other Colors

Pacific Vial, the world’s leading manufacturers of vials and glass vials, makes screw thread glass vials that are specially designed to be used with a screw-on cap.

Screw thread glass vials from Pacific Vials may be used in various applications, including storage of both liquids and dry goods. Customers may choose flat bottom and/or round bottom designs.

This product is available in Clear Glass and Amber, which is ideal for light-sensitive products like essential oils. Screw thread glass vials are also available in Cobalt Blue, Green, Type 1, Borosilicate, and 51 or 33 Expansion Glass.

Pacific Vial manufactures its screw thread glass vials in various sizes and capacities (, and also has both black polyseal and black phenolic caps available for immediate delivery.

The firm also makes orifice reducers ( for its 13mm, 15mm and 18mm thread finish products, as well as a variety of sizes and capacities for sizes ranging from 1 milliliter to 30 millileters.

To order any vials and glass vials made by Pacific Vials, please call toll free 866 686-8425.

Pacific Vial is proud to serve a growing variety of users throughout the United States and internationally. Customers who use Pacific Vial’s glass vials and vials include retailers who sell perfume, essential oils, and vitamins. The firm’s customer base also includes scientists, pharmacists, and pharmaceutical companies who use vials and glass vial to store liquid medications, powders and capsules.

With more than $100 million in annual revenues and over 25 years of combined experience in manufacturing vials and glass vials, Pacific Vial offers the highest quality of product in the industry.

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