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Clear & Amber Glass Vials, Perfume Vials

Pacific Vial’s Product Stocking System Ensures Stock Orders Ship within 24 Hours

Pacific Vial, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of vials and glass vials, is proud to inform a growing partner base that its improved product stocking system ensures that stock orders are shipped within 24 hours.

“We have designed a very reliable stocking system that pleases our customers, because they know their vials and glass vials will ship in a quick and efficient time window,” said Pacific Vial Director of Operations, Rodger Johnston. “We are 100% committed to our clients, and we do everything in our power to ship each order in one day or less. Our customers know they can trust Pacific Vial for all their vial and glass vial needs.”

Pacific Vial provides a wide variety of glass vial products up to 35mm (big mouth vials), including:

•Screw Thread Glass Vials in sizes starting at 1/3-dram to eight 2 ounces.

•Cobalt blue and green glass vials that are ideal for aromatherapy and essential oil packaging needs.

•EPA glass vials for use in the environmental protection industry.

•Display glass vials for packaging dry products, such as compounds, capsules, pills and tablets.

•Perfume sampler glass vials in sizes ranging from 1/5 to 9/16 of a dram.

•Patent lip glass vials for packaging various products, including liquids or dry goods.

•A wide assortment of caps and closures to fit our vials.

•Multiple different sizes of droppers for glass vials.

Pacific Vial is proud to serve a growing variety of users throughout the United States and internationally. Customers who use the firm’s vials and glass vials include retailers who sell perfume, essential oils, and vitamins. The firm’s customer base also includes scientists, pharmacists, and pharmaceutical companies who use vials and glass vials to store liquid medications, powders and capsules.

With annual revenues continuing to increase and with over 25 years of combined experience in manufacturing vials and glass vials, Pacific Vial not only offers the highest quality products in the industry but unmatched service to be the best glass vial manufacturer possible to our valued partners.

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