Glass Vials Designed to Meet the Strict EPA Requirements

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has strict requirements for the testing of potentially harmful environmental contaminants in water or soil samples. What does that mean for you?  If your company wants to use glass vials for environmental analysis, they must be EPA compliant.

The EPA requirements, for compliance, are glass vials must be clean and free of substances that have the potential to influence analysis.  Additionally, mandates require the testing of samples for levels of potentially hazardous elements as part of the EPA program for monitoring the level of environmental contaminants in the US.  Both water and soil samples may be required.  Any glass vials used in storing samples must be analyzed and meet specific EPA requirements.

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Exceptionally Compliant EPA Glass Vials from Pacific Vial

If you are looking for glass vials that are EPA compliant and meet requirements, then Pacific Vial is the supplier for you.  Another term for EPA Glass Vials is VOA (volatile organic analysis) vials.

Pacific Vial is the industry-leading provider of EPA vials for environmental industry lab use.  Our flat-bottomed EPA vials are easily available in 20 ml, 40 ml, and 60 ml sizes.  What makes these vials unique?  Flat bottomed EPA vials are made of chemically inert clear Type I borosilicate 33 expansion glass, or for light-sensitive samples, of amber 51 expansion glass.  Remember, as with all Pacific Vial glass vials, Caps are sold separately.

EPA Glass Vial Quality Control

State-of-the-art processes are the hallmark of Pacific Vial EPA glass vial production.  Pacific Vial produces every vial in its glass manufacturing facility.  The facility employs a high-tech camera system to analyze and spot potential production flaws during manufacturing.  Our process is designed to produce EPA glass vials without defects which potentially compromise the quality of test results.

High-Quality, Affordable EPA Glass Vials

If an EPA glass vial is manufactured by Pacific Vial, then you know you can trust its compliance with EPA Standards and Requirements.  Contact Pacific Vial today and order the best EPA glass vials on the market.


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