The Highest Quality Glass Vial

A glass vial is just one of many of the diverse types of vials manufactured by Pacific Vial, including a high-quality glass vial. For over 20 years, Pacific Vial has been the leading manufacturer of glass vials. Our competitors cannot come close to producing the level of quality produced by Pacific Vial.

We have several types, sizes, colors of glass vials: injection, crimp top, medicine, perfume sample, and serum. This wide range of vial options them perfect for a multitude of industries. Although glass vials are more expensive to produce than plastic, the quality of a glass vial is far superior and supplies exceptional reliability.

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Multiple Industry Uses

Due to the exceptional quality of a Pacific Vial glass vial, many industries have realized their unmatched reliability. One such industry is the medical industry. With medications and blood and tissue sample variations, a glass vial allows for proper storage, safety, and integrity. Medications come in three forms: liquids, capsules, and powders. The idea is to have a glass vial that can be used for multiple sample types.

The flexibility, of a glass vial, is particularly important in scientific research. By using a glass vial, scientists can minimize waste and ensure sample integrity. Waste is reduced due to the ability of a glass vial to be used multiple times if properly sterilized between applications. This is a clear indicator that glass vials are more environmentally friendly. Glass vials may not be as inexpensive and durable as plastic, but they have longevity if properly sterilized.

A Pacific Vial Glass Vial is the Manufacturing  and Scientific Standard in Glass Vial

A glass vial, from Pacific Vial, has set the industry standard. The available options include the traditional clear and frosted glass vials and cobalt blue and green. We offer customized glass vials with no minimum order enabling our customers to order the amount needed and no extra, which is a major plus for smaller businesses.

Pacific Vial is headquartered on the West Coast in the United States. Our processes are driven by three words: quality, reliability, and integrity. Pacific Vials is confident in the work that we do. We strive daily to provide outstanding customer service along with supplying quality products. No other company can duplicate the quality offered by Pacific Vial.

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