Pacific Vial – the Next Level in Glass Vial Screen Printing

Has your company considered the possibility of screen printing your next order of glass vials?

Think about the professionalism that will exude from your vial display let alone the marketing potential.

Pacific Vial has screen-printing customization providing unique vial and bottle decoration.

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Glass Vial Screen Printing and Marketing

When you customize your glass vials, with screen printing, we look to build a strong relationship with your team and understand your packaging needs.  Whether the labeling is for in-house use or adding the right packaging has a powerful influence on buying behavior.

We passionately believe that the right labeling on a glass vial will take it to the next level.

Screen printed labeling is offered on all Pacific Vial glass vials and other products, which are available in both amber and clear colors. Specifically, our screen-printed labeling is available in a variety of colors for easy visibility, color coding, and branding purposes.

The Glass Vial Screen Printing Process

For longer-lasting results, the Pacific Vial screen printing process involved the paint being fired directly onto the glass.  By using this specialized process, no adhesive is required, which is more permanent than paper labeling.  Additionally, our process is permanent, tamper-proof, and stain-proof.  Safety and security your end-users will notice and make your products stand above the rest.

[h3]Uses for Screen Printed Glass Vials

What are the typical uses for screen-printed glass vials?

The most obvious use is any situation that may subject printed paper labels to environmental degradation.  Screen printed glass labeling is specifically designed to withstand extreme conditions detrimental to paper labeling such as:

  • Temperature Extremes
  • Rapid Temperature Changes
  • Autoclaving
  • Solvent Exposure

Our recommendation, for our customers, is to test the performance of screen-printed glass vials in their intended application and environment before placing an order.  Pacific Vial cannot take responsibility for damage to the labeling of printed glass vials due to incorrect usage or no previous testing.

Screen Printing for Glass Vials

Pacific Vial is the trusted industry standard in glass vial manufacturing.  Therefore, it only makes sense we are the standard in screen-printed glass vials.  Contact our expert team today to learn more and order your screen-printed glass vials.  (877)708-8425

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