Glass Vials – What are They?

Glass vials are specially designed glass containers to be used in many applications, which include liquids and dry goods. Pacific Vial has an extraordinarily wide selection of glass vials to choose from. The question always arises as to which vial is better, glass or plastic. It depends on your company or organization’s needs.

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Glass Vials – Benefits

Glass vials are favored across many industries due to their exceptional benefits. Yes, glass vials are more expensive than plastic vials, but the benefits far outweigh the cost. The most important benefit is the reusability of glass vials if properly sterilized. Glass vials allow for viewing the substance held and are specifically designed for sample integrity. Sample integrity is vital for most industries. It is just a known fact that you can get more use out of glass vials as opposed to plastic vials. It is safe to say that glass vials are more durable.

Whether you order glass or plastic vials, Pacific Vial will ensure that you receive the highest quality product. Pacific Vial has supplied exceptional service and high-quality products since 2001, focusing on quality, not quantity. Thus, there is not a minimum order for our customers on customized vials

Pacific Vial glass vials are available in the traditional clear, amber, blue, and green. Allow Pacific Vials to show you why we are the best vial Manufacturers in the United States. Our vials are available for purchase online or orders can be placed by calling our toll-free number 1-877-708-8425! We look forward to your business.