Specialty Vials Available for Multiple Uses for Global Customers

Who is the premier manufacturer and supplier of Serum Glass Vials and Bottles? Pacific Vial.  Pacific Vial offers a variety of glass vials and specialty products, available globally.

In Particular, the serum specialty glass vials are perfect for the pharmaceutical industry and come in a wide variety.

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What Are The Applications for Serum Specialty Glass Vials

Our team, Pacific Vial, is often asked what applications are serum specialty glass vials most effective and optimal?

Remarkably, serum specialty glass vials are ideal options for many different and distinctive applications.  They are suitable for:

  • Pharmaceutical Packaging and Applications
  • Lyophilization
  • Sample Storage
  • Biotech Applications
  • Diagnostic Applications

Our options are what makes Pacific Vial serum specialty glass vials extraordinary.  We have several different closures available, including snap caps, vial stoppers, and more.  Serum glass vials are offered in a variety of different sizes and capacities.

Existing Types of Serum Specialty Glass Vials

The assortment of Glass vials available is innumerable and limitless.  For serum specialty glass vials, the options are much more finite.  To follow are some of the glass types available:

  • Clear and Amber Type 1
  • Borosilicate 51 Expansion Glass
  • Clear Type 1 Borosilicate 33 Expansion Glass
  • More available upon request.

These easy choices provide flexibility and open up a plethora of applications for use.

Pacific Vial Specialty Glass Vial Quality Control

One thing most remarkable, regarding Pacific Vial’s Serum Specialty Glass Vials and all other vials we produce, is Pacific Vial’s quality control system.  We use a specialized camera monitoring system, which certifies that serum vials are manufactured to close tolerances.  A dimensional gauging system monitors the vials at all stages of the manufacturing process for even slight discrepancies in glass density and length.

This precise and accurate quality control system makes Pacific Vial is a name you can trust for the highest quality products and customer service in the vial industry.

Glass Vials – Serum Specialty Type

Contact Pacific Vial’s customer service for information on pricing, minimum order requirements, and bulk discounts. Custom vials can also be manufactured on request, and Pacific Vial’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility ensures fast turnaround on custom orders.


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