What is a Vial and What is It Used For?

A vial can be described as a small closed or closeable vessel particularly for liquids. Vials are used in many different industries such as law enforcement, medical, retail, and outdoor sports.

A vial can be used for scientific samples and a means of storage for cosmetics and has become an invaluable tool across every industry.  Although small in size, its uses are vast.

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Vial Properties and Characteristics

A vial, typically manufactured out of glass, has many uses including storing liquid medication, powders, and capsules.  The medical and scientific industries are the largest users; however, law enforcement’s vial usage makes it a close second.  Law enforcement’s normal need is in forensics, which allows for the long-term storage of crime scene evidence.

The retail industry uses vials to store perfume and cologne samples to provide to customers, which are either clear or frosted allowing for easy distinguishability.  They are also used in the cosmetic counters in retail establishments to store cold creams and other facial makeup.

Aromatherapy, which is a holistic treatment that uses natural plants, extracts to promote health and well-being, requires vials to store essential oils used in the treatments.  When a vial is used for aromatherapy, it is especially important the vials are both properly labeled and stored.

The multipurpose and multifaceted use of the vial makes it a major asset to most industries that require it.

A Vial – What will You Use Yours For?

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