Vials – Unique Uses

Constructed of glass, vials are small containers created to hold different substances for a variety of uses.

Medical Industry

Used extensively by the medical industry, vials are used to store blood and tissue samples and to store medicine for injections. It is fair to say, without the use of vials the medical industry would not be able to function to its full potential. It would be impossible to preserve delicate samples due to integrity loss if not safely stored.

Vials are used in administering drug tests. Employees and potential employees are often subjected to random drug tests. A urine sample is normally placed in a plastic cylinder. Once the drug test has been administered and results are provided, the plastic cylinder is then discarded. There is no other reliable container to keep urine samples in from the drug test. Vials keep samples from being compromised.

Department Stores

Vials make are perfect for displays at the department store cosmetic counter. Both perfume and cologne samples can be placed in vials, either clear or frosted, allowing for visibility. Every item has its place, in the retail environment, making it important all items are easily accessible. Additionally, vials allow for careful product storage. Both perfume and cologne samples are placed in vials that are either clear or frosted which makes them very noticeable.

Law Enforcement

Vials were essential tools to law enforcement officials and are used to preserve evidence. Evidence stored in vials preserves the integrity and protects from potential compromise. Vials are used to store evidence such as hair, blood samples, seminal stains, and controlled substances.

These are just a few examples of the industries that use vials daily.

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