Vials are small containers that are mostly made of glass

Vials are small containers that are mostly made of glass

Vials are small containers that are mostly made of glass. Although they are highly used in the medical field, yet they are also used in law enforcement, department stores, laboratories, and outdoor enthusiasts.

In the medical field vials are used to store blood and tissue samples. They are also used to store medicine used for injections. It is fair to say that without the use of vials the medical industry would not be able to function in its full capacity.

One thing vials are used for that is very important is with drug tests. Employees and potential employees are often subjected random drug tests. Their urine sample is normally placed in a plastic cylinder. Once the drug test has been administered and results are given out the plastic cylinder is then discarded.

Vials are highly used in department stores especially at the cosmetic counters. They use small jars for things such as face creams, lip balms, and oils. In the retail environment it is important to make sure that all items that are needed are in place and accessible. No business wants to carelessly lose product because it could hurt their profits. Vials enable the products to be properly stored. Both perfume and cologne samples are placed in vials that are either clear or frosted which makes them very noticeable.

In the criminal justice system vials are used in forensic labs. The entomology division of forensics is the area of law enforcement that studies violent crimes. Vials are also used by law enforcement officials to preserve a crime scene. Evidence stored in vials prevents the integrity of the crime scene from being compromised. They also can be used to maintain evidence that could help solve cold cases. Vials were essential tools to law enforcement officials.

People that hunt and fish have a great need to be organized. Vials are an ideal tool for outdoors-man. It is imperative for them to know where their items are at all times when they are either out in the woods or out on the water. Hunters use vials and small jars to store gun grease, air darts, and gun bore brushes. Those that love to fish use vials to store their hooks, sinkers, and baits.

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