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Cork Stoppered Vials also known as Patent Lip Vials

Cork Stoppered Glass, Patent Lip Vials & Bottles from Pacific Vial Manufacturing

Cork stoppered glass vials (also known as patent lip vials) can be used to hold both liquid and dry goods. In the consumer goods industries, cork stoppered glass vials can be used to package small souvenirs and keepsakes (such as gold flakes, beads, etc.) for purchase. Cork stoppered glass vials are also used to package perfumes, cosmetics, essential oils, and so on.

Cork stoppered glass vials can be used by naturalists to contain specimens collected in the field. Historically, dry and liquid medicines (such as patent medicines and powders) were stored in cork stoppered glass vials, and they can still be used to store the herbs and compounds used by herbalists to make teas and treat various ailments. Cork stoppered glass vials can also be used in chemistry labs to store isolates produced during chemical reactions.

Cork itself has a very long history of being used as a stopper; it is believed that the ancient Egyptians were the first to make cork stoppers for their containers. The majority of the world's cork comes from the bark of cork trees grown in Portugal and surrounding areas. Cork bark is both boiled and dried to eliminate contaminants before it is formed into stoppers.

Pacific Vial provides cork stoppered glass vials in various sizes. Contact Pacific Vial by telephone at 866-686-VIAL or by email at for information on pricing and volume discounts for cork stoppered glass vials. Pacific Vial is a name you can trust for the highest quality products and customer service in the vial industry.

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