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Scintillation Vials

Scintillation Vials & Scintillation Glass Vials from Pacific Vial Manufacturing

During liquid scintillation counting, the sample to be measured is dissolved in a liquid scintillation cocktail that contains a solvent and scintillation fluors. Radiation in the sample can then be detected by measuring the light emitted by the scintillation fluors. This process is typically carried out using a liquid scintillation counter into which glass vials of the sample are placed for measurement.

Pacific Vial can provide laboratories with scintillation vials in a variety of dimensions suitable for use with most liquid scintillation counters. Since the materials stored in scintillation vials can be hazardous or radioactive, it is important to choose the highest quality glass vials possible to avoid leakage and other problems. Pacific Vial's scintillation vials are manufactured to the highest standards in the industry.

Special attention is given during the manufacturing process not just to aesthetic standards, but to critical variables like dimensional integrity as well. Pacific Vial's quality control system uses high tech cameras throughout the manufacturing process to spot flaws and imperfections that could compromise the integrity of the vials. Vial diameter, length, and density are all carefully controlled.

Scintillation glass vials are typically bought in bulk, but Pacific Vial offers the same high level of customer service and personalized attention to small orders as well as large ones. Contact Pacific Vial by telephone at 866-686-VIAL or by email at for information on pricing and volume discounts. Pacific Vial is a name you can trust for the highest quality products and customer service in the vial industry.

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