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Where To Buy Glass Vials, Small Glass Vials

Where To Buy Glass Vials, Small Glass Vials from Pacific Vial Manufacturing

Purchasing managers can buy small glass vials at wholesale prices direct from the manufacturer at Pacific Vial in Los Angeles, California. Pacific Vial has established a name for itself as a leading manufacturer of glass screw thread vials, colored glass vials, glass vials for the perfume industry, and glass vials for the medical, pharmaceutical, and research industries.

Small businesses trying to find out where to buy small quantity orders of glass vials will be pleased by the customer service and attention they receive at Pacific Vial. Each order and account is given individual attention and service. Buyers trying to find out where to buy large quantities of glass vials at volume discounts will be just as pleased. As a manufacturing facility, Pacific Vial has the capacity to fill orders large and small with rapid, economical efficiency and attention to detail.

Pacific Vial manufactures their vials in a state-of-the-art glass manufacturing facility. High-tech cameras are placed in locations throughout the facility where they monitor every stage of manufacturing process, and spot even minor flaws in the density, dimensions, or appearance of the glass. Vials are manufactured in sizes as small as 1/8 dram and as large as 60 mL.

Pacific Vial also offers custom manufacturing of glass vials according to customer specifications. Contact Pacific Vial by telephone at 866-686-VIAL or by email at for more information on pricing and volume discounts for stock and custom orders. Pacific Vial is a name you can trust for the highest quality products and customer service in the vial industry!

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